About The Chef

Tamisha Heacox-Jackson

Influenced by her parents' respective Acadian and Creole backgrounds, Chef Tamisha has been cooking since she was a little girl. Introduced so early to the bold flavors of those cuisines and some of their unconventional and rustic methods of preparation, Tamisha was given the blueprint on how to create dishes that can be complex, yet harmonious, and explode with flavor.

Chef Tamisha started her culinary career nearly 20 years ago working front-of-house for a number of upscale catering companies and fine dining establishments in the U.S. and the U.K. Among them, Royal Opera House, London and Quod Restaurant, Haymarket. Tamisha savored every moment of those experiences soaking up the aesthetics of haute cuisine and learning how true Michelin star service is delivered. She has had the pleasure to serve former English Prime Minister's wife Cherie Blair, Jamie Oliver, Eddie Izzard, Boy George and DJ Carl Cox.

Becoming a professional cook was an easy transition for Tamisha. She spent nearly a decade dedicating every free moment to learning everything she could about food and dining. Tamisha's frequent travels within the U.K., France, Italy, Germany and North Africa, were explorations in food and culture that helped shape her culinary perspective. She was attracted to the rustic country style cuisines of Europe which mirrored her Acadian-Creole roots. Her approach to cooking combines farmhouse freshness with the sophistication of high cuisine.

Trained in classical French cuisine, Tamisha is an honors graduate of Le Cordon Bleu. She has worked as a chef for a number of celebrated catering companies and restaurants including Wolfgang Puck Catering and Zuni Cafe of San Francisco; where Tamisha received high praise from Alice Waters on her execution of one of the restaurant's most iconic dishes. In 2012, she founded Mishjacks Catering and immediately began to build clientele, garnering a reputation for distinct flavors executed with beauty and grace.